6 work stations with generous bench space.

6 Finishing presses.

‘Greig’ Cast Iron Backing press.

2 large Nipping Presses.

1 Dryad Wooden Press.

Numerous Pressing Boards.

Numerous Backing and Gilding boards.

Backing hammers.

‘Pragnant’ Blocking Press.

‘Mackay’ Blocking Press.

2 cases of brass type (18 founts).

Good range of handle letter sets.

Large selection of finishing tools, gouges, pallets & wheels.

3 Finishing Stoves.

Bloodstone and Agate Burnishers.

3 Brockman Paring Machines.

1 Scharfix Paring Machine.

Louet Vertical Plough.

3 Sewing Frames.

Pricking Cradles.

Board Chopper (1metre/40 inch cut).

Power Guillotine (46cm/18 inches).

Handtools:  numerous folders, scalpels, needles, rulers,

              brushes, cutting mats, paring knives etc.

Numerous small to medium weights.

3 ‘litho’ paring stones.

3D printing machine.

Air brush and compressor.


Large stock of decorated (marbled & printed) and plain papers

                                 (machine, mould, and handmade).

Large stock of card and boards.

Wide range of buckram and bookcloth.

Selection of bookbinding leathers (skins and off cuts)

PVA and paste.

Stock of acrylic paint, ink, watercolours and leather dyes.

Materials and equipment for paper marbling.

Range of gold, metallic and pigment hot foils.


Approximately 500 books and journals on bookbinding, art and 

associated crafts.


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